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Village Green in New Jersey

Deck Master Company, based in Staten Island, NY was awarded the opportunity to build and create a masterpiece oasis project at a very large apartment complex in Budd Lake New Jersey.

The project entailed a complete makeover of all the decks, some upper level, some lower level and some upper and lower with two sets of stairs connected by a landing. The decks were in a  very serious need for a total makeover which included removal of all the existing wood planks and carting it away, removal of the rusted aluminum rails, removal of the steps and solidify, and repair as felt necessary to improve the safety of the decks.

The chosen materials for the installation of the new decks was "Fiberon" composite decking. The floors were all Gray Good Life Cottage and grooved planks with Gray Graphite Fascia wrapping all the perimeters. The landings and the stairs were the same with all new galvanized hardware.

The old rails were removed and taken to our in house built laboratory where we cleaned, sanded and painted all the aluminum rails with a high quality Benjamin Moore paint. Once painted and completely dried, they were returned to each deck unit and re-installed with added Fiberon inside 5/4x6 square planks and 5/4x6 top top caps to strengthen the rails and also beautify the appearance. There were also some units with safety gates.

During the project, which started October 15, 2018 and was completed in April 2019 was a well-planned and executed operation to the credit of my staff, achieved exceptionally well. The only challenge and hardship we encountered was the brutal winter months which created some discomfort, working on some days at 10-15 degrees, one of which was also around the Thanksgiving holiday. The operation was 6 day non stop, Sunday through Friday sunrise to sunset rain, cold, snow, hot, cold to maintain our targeted completion date and yet to provide the optimum quality service to our great customer with whom we have worked with prior to this project at a different New Jersey location. Therefore our relationship had been established prior to this Budd Lake project, and we are very grateful to both our client and Fiberon. In addition, we are very grateful for our entire Staff at the job site premises and their hard-working management team as well as the hard working Deck Master staff. This effort and motivation allowed us to achieve such high standards in a timely manner.

The operation took approximately 7 months for a total of nearly 800 deck units.

Thank you all, and enjoy the quick video snapshot.

Lou Guttman,
Deck Master Company

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