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Code Of Ethics

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This Code of Ethics is created for, and will be adhered to by, the management, staff, and companies affiliated with Deck Master and Master Builder Inc.  

We treat every customer with the utmost honesty, integrity, fairness, consideration, and highest degree of professionalism by…

Being sure to return customer calls promptly.
Getting in touch with each customer well in advance in the rare event an appointment or job must be rescheduled.
Training our staff to address each customer is our number one priority extending only the utmost courtesy, efficiency, and promptness.
Being sure that work crews, foremen, field employees, and any sub-contractors performing work for our customers are neat, clean and courteous. (Our crews maintain the understanding that they represent a “profession”, as well as a professional firm).
Answering questions patiently and courteously.
Personally seeing that work is performed by highest industry-wide standards.Providing only quality, long-lasting materials.Being sure that a written contract is on file for all work performed.
Being sure that work performed complies with terms and conditions of contract.              -Lou Guttman, President
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